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Caterpillar Nursery

Our Caterpillar Nursery provides an opportunity to introduce your child to play and learning, alongside building friendships outside of the home environment.  

Children are able to access as little as two sessions a week or more if required.  

We provide a high quality range of educational experiences for your child based on their specific developmental stage in a warm and secure environment. As children develop their confidence they access all areas of the nursery school environment.

Children can attend our nursery for 15hrs a week.

There are options for funded or paid places. 

Session Times are:

Session 1 (15 hours morning):     8.45am -  11.45am 

Session 2 (15 hours afternoon):   12.30am  - 3.30pm

What does it cost?

The cost for a three hour session is £16.50. From January 2024 the cost will increase to £18.00 per three hour session.

We also accept Child Care Vouchers from working families.

Your child may be entitled to 15 hours of funded education starting in the term after their second birthday. Please see the WCC 2 year old funding website for further information. 


You may be able to access a place as soon as your child becomes 2 if you meet additional criteria.

 Please contact us for more information or see  staff for more details

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