Growing and Changing!

This term, we are looking closely at growth and change as we see the garden coming back to life as Spring moves forward into Summer. We are also looking at animal life, and how that grows and changes too. We have started this process with the tadpoles we have in our pond, a small amount of which are now in a tank in the garden. Please go and see them with the children when you collect them from Nursery - we are encouraging them to look closely and spot the small changes as they happen. Next week the Living Eggs will arrive and we will be able to see more change as we watch the chicks hatch and grow. After half term, we will also have caterpillars to observe as they grow and become cocoons. At the end of the summer, we will say goodbye to many of our children as they go through the change from Nursery to School. Hopefully, having the opportunity to experience change in nature will allow children to accept and embrace their own transitions, and see them as natural and positive experiences and remember that, without change, we would never have any butterflies!

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