The Nursery is set out over four spacious rooms and includes 'free flow' access to our outstanding nursery garden which allows children to play and learn indoors and outside.  We are very well resourced and provide a highly stimulating, safe and secure learning environments where children are encouraged to explore and investigate, supported by highly trained teachers and early years educators, who develop and extend learning in tune with children's individual needs

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Lunch Club 

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Nursery School children can bring a healthy packed lunch and attend our lunch club. There are limited places available and the cost is £4.00 per session for children who are not attending Nursery for 30hrs a week.


Places must be booked in advance. Please speak to a member of staff

Lunch Club:                11.45am - 12.30pm

Opening Times

Children can attend our nursery for 15hrs a week. This is a funded place. In certain circumstances, children may be entitled to 30hrs a week, also funded. Please enquire at the office to find out if your child might be eligible.

Session Times are:

Session 1:     8.45am -  11.45am 

 Session 2:     12.30am  - 3.30pm

Session 3:   Mon - Fri  9.00am - 3.00pm

       (your child will need a packed lunch)     

Settling In

Parents meeting:  

                               Parent meetings are held the term before the child starts nursery to provide important information about                                            starting nursery and answer any questions you may have.

Home visits:  

                               These are informal way for you to get to know the staff that will be taking care of your child all

                               conducted in your own home environment.  

                               The home visit also helps your child to make a positive link between home  and school.


                               The induction process is an important period of time in which we work with you to ensure your child settles                                       with the minimum of anxiety.  Some children will require a longer induction period than others and

                               we will liaise with you directly to arrange this. Every child has a Key Person who looks after their                                                           welfare in Nursery and is the main point of contact for parents.

Key Person

Every child has a Key Person who looks after their welfare in the Nursery and is a main point of contact for parents. The Key Person will make sure your child feels safe and secure and makes progress in their learning and development.  You will register your child with their key person every day.  This member of staff will be responsible for communication with you and the observation and assessment of your child's progress and development.

Documenting Learning and Progress

The Early Years Foundation Stage provides the principles and starting points behind our curriculum which favours a play based approach.  Practitioners use frequent observations of children's interests skills and abilities to plan learning opportunities which will  support good progress and development.  Where children need additional support they will receive this and where they have strengths we will extend their learning.

30 Hour Approach

At Atherstone Nursery School we are offering some 30 hour funded nursery places for our 3-4 year old children in response to the governments initiative to support working parents with childcare costs. The sessions are daily 8.45am - 2.45pm term time only. There is an option to purchase an extra 45 minutes of care from 2.45pm - 3.30pm daily if required. Our ethos for our 30 hour funded children is:

  • to give children time to establish themselves as part of a family group and form relationships with their peers and their educators.

  • to offer key learning  through family group times, build on children's interests within the continuous provision and to extend the children's learning and experiences. 

  • to give time for nurture and relaxation as a key factor in the daily routine.


We will ask you to provide a healthy packed lunch for your child and we will build on their social interactions within the lunch time session. If you would like any more information to see if you qualify for 30 hour funding for your child please see the link to the right;

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